Drawing since I remember it. I could mention several memories, almost vague images in the head that testify how the drawing has always been present. I remember family evenings, while I was designing the TV heroes on the sofa, I remember once in elementary school while drawing firefighters inspired by an illustration on a book and so on …
The years pass, the passion grows … time passes and my self-taught method starts to give me some satisfactions.
The first collaborations arrive, also as a graphic designer, with respect to which I certify myself in 2005 as professional.
I experimented and experimented, until in the mid-2000s I did not cross my path with a free Roman magazine, starting as a cover artist, going through comics to the role of editorial and advertising graphic.
But it is not enough and so, after some experiences in the independent comics, in 2010 i arrive at the SRF Scuola Romana dei Fumetti, one of the most important forges of Italian comic artists. In 2013, in the same academy, i graduated in “drawing and technique of comics”, in 2014 the diploma in “nude and illustration” and in 2015 the specialization in “American comic”.
In the meantime, of course, I don’t stop. Since 2009, in fact, I am the official illustrator of one of the major institutional magazines in Italy, and at the same time I work as a illustrator, cover and visual artist for several publications and books made by leading journalists.


“Il Texano e l’Alitalia”
cover artist of the book written by the journalist Edoardo Borriello and published by Edizioni Airnews International cover artist;
“Puparo di Sogni”
graphic artist of the book written by the journalist R. Paradiso and published by Edizioni le vie;
artist and illustrator of one of the most important magazines in the energy sector, entrusted with the significant task of analyzing, stimulating and suggesting topics related to the world of energy and sustainability through the participation of the protagonists of the sector;
“L’Hermes della Metropoli”
official cover and comic artist, illustrator and graphic artist of the magazine distributed free in Rome;
“La ola”
creator and coordinator of the entire graphic project of the football magazine which deals with regional youth football.